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The Rochester Amateur Radio Club (RARC) offers ham radio classes several times a year. Entry level Technician and more advanced General classes are offered. These classes are open to anyone in the area.

The RARC Technician ham radio class covers all topics needed to pass the entry level Technician written Element 2 examination. Knowledge of Morse Code is NOT required for any Amateur Radio license now. This class uses the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Fourth Edition textbook as a study guide plus a set of powerpoint charts and materials specifically developed for the class.

Students are required to purchase this textbook before attending the class. The book can be obtained from a number of sources including the ARRL web site, Barnes and Noble, or Students are urged to read the first four chapters of the book prior to beginning of class.

Bill Osler can teach online versions of his Technician and General classes for 2021. Contact Bill at 507-252-5852 for more info and to sign up.

These dates are somewhat flexible if students need to work around other things.

Prospective students should contact class coordinator Bill Osler at least 2 weeks prior to the class. Bill prefers to be contacted at the RARC mailing list on Yahoo! , or at 507-252-5852.

Additional classes will be listed here as they are scheduled. 

VE Exam Information

Go to the K0SIR website at for information and registration for VE Exams held in Rochester. There you will also find power point presentations from previous RARC club programs.

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